First Impression: Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask

When I received my Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of February inside was a Skyn Iceland Fresh Start mask. I have never heard of the company so I thought I’d a first impression of the product. 

The fresh start mask is a two step process. The first being a blue clay and the second being an activating gel. I have to say since the moment I placed it on my face I felt the most enjoyable refreshing feeling. It was like someone had taken peppermint and placed it all over my face. I could tell there were little beads in the clay but they were not dispensing with motion of me rubbing it in. I soon found out it when I applied the activating gel that the beads burst to reveal and even more cooling sensation. I waited and took the mask off after twelve minutes (It was suppose to be ten but I wasn’t paying attention.) My face felt instantly moisturized and refreshed. For the first time using the product I think I would definitely go buy the entire jar.   


  • Refreshing 
  • Moisturizing
  • Cooling
  • Pulls out impurities
  • Short time wait


  • None


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Lizzy P. 

Be forever sparkly and never ever dull


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