Top 3 Reasons You Should Put Down Your Cellphone

For the last 9 1/2 months I have been without a cellphone (Yes I know let shocked facial expressions and air gasps ensue) my phone is broken and I just haven’t been able to replace it. Now that may seem strange but I work a part time job and honestly there are just larger financial  priorities in my life. As the months have flown by I have noticed a few tips I would like to pass on to you. These have simply changed my life and my hope is that they can help you.


stacked cell

  • Because it is stunting you communication — Now I know you think that your communication is great. You are sending texts and messages left and right. You never miss a chance to comment on your friends newest status update. You may even say I never miss a call unless I really am not interested. I am always available to talk! BUT thus en-lies the problem you are constantly having impersonal contact that can desensitize you from face to face interaction. Now I’m not saying to never tweet, comment, like or share (We all know I am chatty) but what I am saying is limit yourself from stalking your phone in search of responses. The constant stream of attention to online activities can pull you further away from reality and true connection with people face to face.


  • Because you’re missing valuable life moments — This may seem strange because you take pictures of everything you are doing, OH and let’s not forget the ever present check-ins that are so important. Now while all of this may be fun while you are busy on your phone documenting the event you just may be missing the most intimate interaction with the person you’re with. I have noticed that I have more meaningful conversations with people now that I am not glued to updating everything. I am even more observant to my surroundings and the persons emotions. If the constant ping of messages are coming in you can not have a fully connected conversation. Every interruption can stop you from actually listening to the person you are spending time with. I find myself stopping in the middle of sentences just to let a friend finish reading what someone else just posted on Facebook. They come back to the convo apologize and ask me to repeat what I was saying. I guess I never really noticed till now how rude that can truly be. Something I was guilty of doing myself.


  • Because being an online drama queen or thug really isn’t that cute — We’ve all had that moment when we are finally pushed over the edge. That moment of frustration that leads to (boom bum bum) the ever present depressing post or full on word battle with an online friend.  Now I have been guilty of this very thing several years ago I cussed out a close friend on twitter (Where I do most of my ranting) over an issue that was so small. I have also made the I am so sad and alone post and the subliminal message post as well. What I have learned is that these post were all assisted by my cellphone. Without having a cellphone in your hand at all times you are not connecting to the drama. Plus you have time to fully think out what you are going to post, if anything at all. Now that I don’t have this speedy way of posting I have time to calm down relax and THINK before acting. Most importantly I miss the all the drama posting of others since I don’t have access.


I have been guilty of every single one of these and being without one of the most popular items in culture today has not been easy. What I have learn though has been truly life altering and that there really needs to be a balance to everything. I only gave you my top three but there are many more reasons I have not shared yet. I think when I finally do get my hands on a cellphone again I will have much more healthy interaction with it.

Now is your turn to weigh in and let your voice be heard:

I want to know if you agree or disagree with any of my points? and do you think you have a healthy balanced interaction with social media and others?





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