How To: Transition Your Makeup From Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer


Recently I had a friend ask me how I do my make sure my makeup is fitting for the season. (Pumps brakes) I really had to think about it. I guess I always just switch it up depending on the weather (Which is crazy in Cali) but after sitting down and pondering a little. Taking a look at my makeup habits from season to season. Here are some of my tips to help you ease your way into spring and summer. (Oh yeah summertime fine)


  • Nobody likes sweaty makeup face! So in those hot summer months I switch it up to BB cream. Light weight and still some coverage depending on the brand purchased. Another great option is L’Oreal Magic Nude liquid to powder foundation. It’s light weight finishes nicely and doesn’t feel or look like you have a pound of foundation on.

Lizzy Recommends:  Drugstore – Maybelline and L’Oreal High End – Smashbox and M.A.C.


  • Those deep burgundy’s and terracotta rose shades may be lovely during the deep dark winter months. During the summer try and switch it up the a healthy peachy pink glow. Now there is balance this should be adjusted to your skin tone. Hot pink just doesn’t sit well on this chicks caramel brown skin. But another shade of pink is a hit.

Lizzy Recommends: Drugstore – Maybelline Dream bounce blush High End – Too Faced and Tarte


  • Yes contouring can be a girl’s best friend BUT if you out on the beach or just strolling around your local downtown area. You may want to tone it down to a nice beachy bronzy glow. Just image how lovely your skin will look as the sun kisses that wonderful golden contour.

Lizzy Recommends: Drugstore – Elf blush and contour duo studio line High End – Nars duo


  • Smokey and matte are two of my favorite was the rock my lids. Adding some sparkle and taking that matte brown mixed with a golden honey color is a perfect way to make you lids more seasonally acceptable. Plus it’s just so darn pretty.

lipcolor graphic

  • Kissy face! Deep plums and brick reds have ruled this winter but now it’s time for the lavenders (risky for some) bright magenta’s and pinky nudes. If you can find the right nude for you shade those lips will be kissable in no time.

What are some of things you do to switch up you makeup?







4 thoughts on “How To: Transition Your Makeup From Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer

  1. I also never thought about this. I think I do more bright lip and shiny glosses and keep my eyes simple or shimmery shadows in the spring and summer. During winter I do more red lip and darker tones. Great post!


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