Clippers & Heat Inside Out


Sunday Night as the Clippers took the floor for warm ups as a team they stood in a circle removed their warm ups and exposed inside out t shirts. The shirts normally emblazoned with the Clippers logo was no where to be seen. As well as every player was wearing black socks, wrist bands, and sleeves. It was their way of taking a stand, unfortunately they lost by 20 points. The pressure and other array of emotions must be weighing heavy on these guys right now.



Then on Monday night The Miami Heat took the floor and as a sign of support did the same with their warm ups.


I will be interested in what Adam Silver (Commissioner of the NBA) is going to decide later today. I have already seen meme’s that say “If Donald Sterling doesn’t leave we riot.” I am a bit nervous in how all this will play out. The Clippers play at home in a crucial game 5. Without the support of their fans or the negative energy in the arena will effect them even more. Doc Rivers has been a great support to these guys but is it enough. I don’t any other coach in the NBA could handle this situation with as much class as he has.




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