Tag Tuesday: 7 Deadly Sins of Makeup


You know I love my tags so here we go again.

1.Greed: What is your most expensive beauty item?

My Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

2.  Wrath: What item do you have a strong love/hate relationship with?

My Mica Bella loose pigments, there tops don’t stay on very well. So I can’t travel with them! It makes it very difficult every time I  want to us them as well since they spill all over the place.

3.Gluttony: What brands takes up most of your collection?

Ha! I really had to go look and check. M.A.C. is the winner but I must say b default. I don’t personally spend money on them but I get  gift cards from friends and family.

4. Sloth: What product do you ignore the most?

It’s a tie between my e.l.f concealer and N.Y.C bronzer both were super cheat and I like but don’t compare to the other concealers and bronzer’s in my collection. I guess they are the back up’s when I run out of my fav’s.

5. Pride: What product gives you the most confidence?

My Milani Lipstick in Uptown Mauve. It’s the perfect color for my skin tone and I feel pretty spicy when I wear it.

6. Lust: What item is at the top of your list?

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

7. Envy: Which makeup product/look looks great on others but not on you?

Brows! I have yet to master filling in my brows and refuse to buy any makeup for it because every time a MUA does them I just think they look funny. My eyebrows are full and dark already. *Shrugs*

So that’s it my 7 deadly sins….and tag your it! Get in on it if you want.




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