The Line

My life currently has seemed to be this never ending line that I am forever waiting in. Maybe a line a keen to the DMV where you get to the front and they still can’t help you. A line maybe just maybe similar to standing in front of the county building asking for assistance while bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders.  This line that is perpetually frustrating. This line that makes me often question everything I know and believe it to be lies. This line that makes me jump to another line because this possibly can’t be the right one anymore. Only to realize I was in the right line all along. Oh this freaking line!

This line makes me bitter at times and so unappreciative, a negative Nacey of sorts. One who looks at all their failures with disdain and anger. A steady stream of nasty hatred that runs through my mind of how could I make this choice or do this again and again. This negative person who despises my dreams and visions. This person willing to walk away from the purpose of my life. This person who refuses to move forward or backward anymore just standing still. Creating a box to live in a small tiny little (pink) box.

Until this moment yes this perfect moment when I hear a knock and yes though the box may fictional it is still very real, and these knocks are my friends breaking down the the walls. Through a message in my inbox, a phone call, by dragging me out of the house when I really don’t want to or just swinging by just to say hi. Suddenly the walls around me are broken and all together destroyed.

Now in this moment I find myself remembering who I am and what I am called to do. In this moment I see the line in a whole new way. This line is no longer frustrating or going nowhere. It is a line full of people walking towards their dreams and purpose.  It is a line that is full of people that see me and I see them. Essentially we are all walking together, working together for each others good.  I am taken over by gratefulness because I see where I am and who I am surrounded by. This brilliant placing that is not all random there is a fulfillment a joy even. I am so thankful to be in the line.

So this is my ode to thee those that walk this line of purpose and destiny with me. You who push and pull and don’t give up. I am happy because you see me and I see you. So here is your beauty in my life just one of  your many strengths. That I pray you can see because it is your beauty and it moves me.


April – You are love personified if I could bottle it up and sell it I would. I am sure it would sell out in 90 seconds or something crazy like that. I share the most loving moments with you! Many would think your love is in the amount of money you spend and what you give, but for me that is not it. Now don’t get me wrong your meals have help on a day or two but your time and words are what are most precious. When I wake up and read in my inbox a simple I love you with a cute little emoji it’s like my whole world has shifted. Your simple message reminds me that I am loved.


CJ – You are peace! The ever calming peace be still for am with you kind of peace. Your words are calming and your silence is settling. Walking with you is like standing in the middle of a raging storm and feeling not a single thing. You help me believe that silence really does speak louder than words. Not in a I am going to prove you wrong type of way but in a I know who I am and I am confident in the one that created me. Peace to be silent and know is what you give me.


Jasmine – You are honesty the type of honesty that moves so gracefully into strategy and strength. You strategically break down situations and plans with such pure honesty. It is removed from opinions and emotional bearings but spoken in truth. Your mind is a beautiful thing. It’s like you are playing a never ending chess game and much like Bobby Fisher you are always several moves ahead of your opponent. You act in such a way that sets things in order and motion. Plans are never complicated but stand up with a resounding truth that does not waiver. You apologetically decisive and I love every bit of it. You know what you want and how want it and teach me to not be ashamed of that very thing.


Lauren – You are vulnerability in every sense of the word. You have so many colorful vibrant layers to your being. You are deep and you show all that you can possibly stand at any given time. It’s like you are constantly mining for the greatness in others. You pull and tough at the deep places in me that refuse to want to be seen. You walk on water! Your past is sea beneath your feet and you conquer it. Stepping boldly out and revealing what most would shove away in closet. You are my water walking partner in crime! Revealing to the world strengths that masks themselves as weaknesses to help others believe that they to can walk on water. Our emoji battles (the ref is the best) and LOL back in forth bring me such joy. Plus we both know how to take an AMAZING selfie YAAASSS werk!


Aude – You are grace the kind grace that moves like a ballerina. You carry grace in everything you do and say. Your grace and undieing forgiveness for those around you moves me. You always think the best and act on that in such a way that is so indescribable. You keep no records of wrong and forget weaknesses quickly. You cross invisible boundary lines like that of a ninja on a mission. Once you have crossed the line you confront with a powerful love. Speaking words that massage my heart into seeing the good in all things. Thank you for being real life grace walking and breathing next to me.

Ebony – You are bravery! Yes bravery! You make me try new things, places, and to step out and believe in who I am. Our adventures are like precious moments in time. Although not every often they are usually milestones for me were you push me further out into the deep again. When I believe I am nothing and going nowhere you remind me I am a creative, an artist of sorts. Every little trip we take shows me a world outside my comfort zones. These places and time spent with you always brings inspiration and drive to be the creative I am. I can feel what you would say on those days I long to be lazy and those words that tell me that there is a whole world I need to see and conquer. May you never lose that sense of wonder and may we travel till we are old and grey.

I am happy to know you all and walk with you!




2 thoughts on “The Line

  1. LIZZY!!!!!!!!! This was so sweet! I love you and I am so happy to do this life with you! It seems God is showering me with his thoughts of who I am today and I say thank you for this. I loved all of it, even what you said about everyone else! Great friends will build you up and you are surrounded by gems!! We are lucky to have you! Keep pressing!

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  2. How beautiful! You are blessed to have such wonderful friends to help you as you walk or stand in lines. We all stand in these lines at one time or other, the joy is that a friend makes the line disappear. Hang on and keep pressing it is not always easy but you can do anything!

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