Fully Raw Smoothie?

So the other day I tried my first fully raw smoothie at first I was so excited. I have been watching a bunch of FullyRawKristina videos on YouTube and thought that I was all set. Wrong! I tried a mixture of kale, cucumber, spinach, and carrots. It was so chunky at first sip I added some water and sipped again. I drank a whole 16 oz of it and it really wasn’t that bad until (If squeamish STOP reading now.) I felt waves of nausea rushing over me. I promise I was trying my hardest to hold it down. I even ate a few carrots and all of a sudden to no avail I literally projectile vomited the entire “smoothie”.  Yesterday I just ate my veggies so today I have some fruit to mix in and I’m going to try again. (I guess)

This beginning stage is for the birds but I know this to shall pass. Then I will be a hardcore raw eating lean mean machine. (maybe) Anyways here’s your encouragement for the day below.



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