#Eyerolls & #Headbangs

So today in what has seemed to be a series of unfortunate events I call my life my laptop has crashed. I was in the middle of uploading new YouTube videos as well as working on a very important project that was due today. I thought it just overheated so I gave it a time out and waited…not so patiently (Just to keep it real).

alice waiting

I turn my lovely (That’s debatable) laptop back on and what’ this success! Yayy!!!

 Daniel Bryan Yes

Or so I thought until five minutes later another instant crash. This continued on for about 30 minutes of me just trying to transfer my files to my portable hard drive. Oh which didn’t work so I had to use my friends and yes another success. This made me think ahhh yes there is HOPE. *Speaking to laptop* “It’s okay we are just having a moment”

Emma Sorry

BUT then my hope was crush with the impending doom of another without warning instant crash. Now I’m heading banging and eye rolling as I say forget it i’ll just ask to you the PC and be done with this.


I did get my work done if you were wondering *shrugs* lost all my videos though ahhh such is life. Here’s another exciting fact after five and a half hours turn it on same thing CRASH! So I am really sitting here like…

Joseline Eyeroll

I’ve heard it said that when you are super close to a breakthrough or achieving your goals things will not work in your favor. I have been working really hard and this computer crash is setting me back but will not stop me. If I can’t reply as fast as normal forgive me till I get this worked out. To be fair I have had my laptop for five long years and taken it all over the world with me *literally* Okay maybe not the world but surely my world. It has been good to me and I will miss it deeply. You know my laptop was one on my first adult purchases with my own money. That’s probably why it’s hurting so bad oh and the fact I can’t replace it right now.

Kim K Cry

I’ll try to keep the content coming and hopefully this was all just a scare because of the heat only time will tell.



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