Unboxing Influenster #SurfsUpVoxBox


I received my first vox box from influenster. For those of you wondering influenster.com is a website where you review brands from all aspects of your life. If you review and participate in campaigns they will send you free items to try and talk about. To be honest I was hesitant at first thinking it was not worth my while but now I see it’s legit. So here are my items from the Surfs Up Vox Box and quick thoughts on each of them.

Covergirl Bombshell Mascara: I was really frightened to try this product out and refrained from purchasing it because of reports of pulling out people’s eyelashes. I’m actually glad I received this and I think it works fairly well compared to my high end mascara.  I will be posting a first impression soon with full details.

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion: I FREAKIN’ love this product. I recently went to the beach and accidently got sunburned even though I had on sunblock. I packed this purposely to try it out and I have to say this was so cooling and made my skin feel refreshed. I have been using it through the peeling of my skin and I think it is one of the most hydrating lotions I have used. Extra bonus I like aloe smell very much.

SinfulColors ‘Eva So Bright’ Nail Polish: SinfulColors and I have actually been besties for some time now. So naturally I was very happy to received a baby bottle for free. There pigmentation is great and can get the job done with one to two coats. Plus they is affordable pricing especially if you find them on the clearance at Target. As far as the color meh it’s not really my thing the orange/coral color is bright as it name proclaims. If you like orange then you’ll love it.

First Aid Shot Therapy: I haven’t tried this product and I won’t. Typically I don’t take these kind of meds. I don’t like medicine and with my recurring health issues I am working on eliminating from my life I don’t feel comfortable using this.

Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit: Of course the smoothie wasn’t in there but a coupon for a free bag was. I just picked up the strawberries wild flavor yesterday but I didn’t realize you need 8oz. of apple juice to pair with it. *eye rolls* So really it wasn’t free if I have to pay four dollars (so cal prices) for some juice. I’ll try it and let you all know when I feel like going back to the store.

Overall I loved my box and was very happy with the products. Anything else I can pass on to a friend or family member.




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