Real Talk About Food & Fitness


It has been a couple weeks I have been working on my fitness seriously and a couple months regarding food. I make posts on the good things I do but there really isn’t a balance to discuss the not so good choices I make. Thus why I want to have a real talk about these to subjects.

That being said food has to be one of the biggest struggles EVER! I do fairly well during the week because I am home or in that general area. I cook dinner every night which usually consists of fish or chicken and veggies. Very simple but fulfilling. What I notice trips me up is pure laziness I don’t feel like cooking or meal prepping. Since I try to eat mostly raw foods throughout the day that can take a bunch of prep. *le sigh* I really need some practical ways to work on that. As far as my weekends I am a mess I don’t plan I eat whatever and whenever. I am usually out and out and depending on my finances I can end up with some really unhealthy food. I just want to be real I had some hot wings and BBQ pork last weekend because they were far cheaper than their salad counterparts. I have been trying not to let my finances rule my food or make that excuse so I recently downloaded a food planner to help.

Fitness: Oddly enough fitness has been a bit easier. I am a very competitive person. Eek!  So when I looked up exercise programs I checked out the ones where you could challenge your friends. Where some people thrive off of setting goals and accomplishing them I thrive off of competitive goals and seeing how much better I can be from the previous week. Also when someone challenges me it keeps me accountable. 

So that’s what I’m working on now but you will see more about what I’m eating and how much I am working out. I want to share the real journey I am on not what I choose to share with people out of fear of judgement. I find people will comment on the negative you do instead of the positive. I definitely had to mentally prepare myself for the conversations or the comments of “that is so bad” or “you’re really not making progress if your choosing to do that” I’m just going to do me and share it anyway. Not worry about others opinions and focus on bettering myself.

Share with me a topic you would like me to write about or make a video on. Let’s really have some real talk’s about life.




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