Workout Gear


One of the biggest excuses I have heard (Used myself) about working out is definitely that I have nothing to wear. True exercising without certain key elements can cause injury or pain, but if it’s just about style . I say work it till you can do better. I literally wear yoga pants which I purchased for three for $12.99  at a local store body basics and an old Nordstrom BP tank which run about 12 dollars each, but the one pictured I have had for three or four years. Well worth it to me. I personally don’t like wearing t-shirts that much *shrugs* that’s just me. As far as those pricey items of course the sports bar which is a pricey item for me due to my size. (36DD) I can’t get away with the target sports bars which are as affordable as five dollars a piece unless I wear two or three at a time. Shoes is another item that can run you some money but the pair I am wearing were given to me and you can find some Nike running shoes at Kohl’s or Nordstrom Rack for 35 and up. That’s all you need to get going just take the time to figure it out. Don’t let the excuse of what possibly can I wear get in the way. Of course we all want to be fashionistas everywhere we go but if you can’t afford it do what you can now. Whether you’re sweating it out in body basics or Lululemon you’re still sweatin’ honey.


Lizzy P.


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