Anchor Infinity Bracelets

As I signed on to Polyvore today I was pleasantly surprised to get message from the owner of I have never heard of the site and curiosity took over. The mobile site is actually very clean and attractive visually.

  So I’m scrolling and scrolling and then I see it. The bracelet of all bracelets a Pinterest cult favorite the anchor infinity bracelet. 


The one major problem that has been plaguing many a pinner is that the picture does not lead to a website to be able to purchase. Oh BUT now by a strange turn of events this pinner has finally found it. Okay I know I am being dramatic and maybe a pinner found it before me but no one I follow or know has. It’s almost like this really tortured game where you never win, except now I have and you do too!

I will always share the best that I find and so far is one of them.


Lizzy P.

Oh and hey let’s be Pinterest pals follow me and I’ll follow you.


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