Signed Confused & Disappointed Nordstrom Addict

I am an avid Nordstrom shopper, it’s been my favorite store since childhood.  Then we got the chance to work them my love only grew deeper. For years now I have been purchasing purses from BP department. They run anywhere between $42 to $52 and they are great quality for the price point.

So to my surprise my current favorites handle broke.


Granted I carry a bunch of stuff mostly because I don’t have a car so when I go places all manner of items end up tossed in. Regardless this has never happened. I was out with some family so they suggested to just go ask them to repair it or exchange it. Honestly I was hoping they could repair it because it was my favorite. I headed to customer service *fingers crossed*

And what I was met with was nothing less then SHOCKING! Oh yaaaaassss honey shocking! I was met with attitude the customer service representative from hello was full of attitude. I explained to her that I hadn’t had the purse that long and it was broken so I just needed to have it repaired or exchanged. She literally pulled one of these

pam roll

Her response was”Well we don’t have repair here that is only done at the Tyler Mall” I say “Okay well…” unfortunately that’s all I got out before she cut me off and said “If you want to exchange it then I’m going to need a proof of purchase and how long have you had it.” Again I try to reply “Well I haven’t had it that long and I don’t have a proof of purchase I used a gift card.” She responds “Well then there is nothing we can do. If you can’t prove you purchased it then. *Shrugs shoulders*”


One of my family members jumps in and says “I have never heard of this before we aren’t asking for our money back just to exchange it. Isn’t it you policy to take anything back?” Meanwhile I’m digging in my purse because for some odd reason I felt like I still had the gift card and yep I had it. Before hand it over I tell her “I’m really confused I used to work here and have never had this happen. Did they change the policy? I have the gift card though if that help.” With no acknowledgment to my question she takes the card and says “let me find it.” Of course she finds it writes down the number says “here! This is the number.” So of course we have questions “here!” Is clearly not enough to go off. “Do we need to bring the other bag back here? Do I need to keep all my proof of purchase from now on? I was met with another one of these…


And a “You don’t need to come back here. You can do it over there!” I just say okay “Thank you”
Heads over to BP…

Where the sales girl was quite lovely helps me with no problems. Which helped with the previous attitude I dealt with. Here’s the purse I picked out and I love it


just hated the experience which I am not used to, but I will say this specific store has had problems before with customer service. I have been told some pretty appalling stuff there. At this point I am honestly annoyed.

So Nordstrom what is the answer? Did your policy change? Must I now hold on to every proof of purchase? When the product is clearly a brand you sell?


A very confused and disappointed Nordstrom addict



2 thoughts on “Signed Confused & Disappointed Nordstrom Addict

  1. I have same question do I now have to keep every proof of purchase now? This was always one of the reasons I shopped at Nordstrom was there was never a hassle. I sometimes keep things with the tags on in my closet a few months before I ever wear it and I did have a sales lady tell me once I needed to make my mind up sooner that it effected her sales my returning something even though I was getting something in place of. She even said I should try it on to make sure I liked it before I left the store! Of course you know this was just uncalled for so I did not try it on as I know pretty much what size I am in Caslon! Oh well I guess that is the way things go prices go up service goes down.


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