Target & CVS Mini Haul

I was in Target the other day and pick up a few beauty products. It’s a tiny little haul but here it is.


At Target I had to grap my e.l.f. favs brow gel and black liquid liner for a $1 each. Then randomly in the nail polish section there was a e.l.f. HD Blush for 0.91 cents huh?!?! Where do they do that at? I had to grab it even though it is on the color showstopper which is the darkest plum, which is a little scary. It should be really nice to try out for a dark look for fall. The last two items are face masks from Que Bella a deep cleansing aloe mask and a cooling face peel mask.

From CVS I picked up two NYX Matte Lip Creams in Addias Ababa and San Paulo. I have never tried these and seeing how I have an obsession with matte everything I definitely needed these in my life.




Do any of you have the e.l.f. HD blush in showstopper? How do you apply it?


Lizzy P.


4 thoughts on “Target & CVS Mini Haul

  1. Hum I love that dark plum and think that you could pair it with a lighter shade of pink or orange and lighten it up just alittle with an ombré effect. Or in fall could even wear as lip color.


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