Today was my first day back at work after what seemed like the longest summer ever. I work for a school district as a substitute and didn’t even expect to work the first week. Alas I got the call and went in the first day of school. It was a long day and as chaotic as you would expect a first day to be but fun none the less.

Image is very important in the city I work in so my work swag is casual chic or at least that is my attempt. Its this balance I have to have between being able to chase down/play with the kids and looking professional. Your apperance can literally be the difference between working every now and then or working every day. 

With my face I keep it pretty simple and the most I do that is bold is rock a bright lip. Shhh the makeup rebel in  me always comes out one way or another. Plus the middle school and high schoolers I work with love it. It’s the funniest thing when they start asking me beauty questions and then it’s almost easier to get them to follow directions.


Lizzy P.


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