Que Bella Deep Cleansing Mask Review

There is this deep love I have for Que Bella masks. I discovered them earlier this year in my local Target and have been purchasing my favorites ever since. I usually stick to the same three favorites but this time my eye spied the aloe deep cleansing mask.


Since I have been wearing a bit more makeup than usual for special events I wanted to give my skin some lovin’.


When I first applied there was this awesome tingling feeling and the smell was amazing. Aloe Vera is just one of those distinctive smells that either you hate or love, I happen to love it. The application was easy and there was generous amount of product left over, but I just lay it all over my face.


After 15 minutes it was all try and at this point BURNING! My lovely tingle was gone. My fave felt tight and like the mask was literally pulling on it. The discomfort was bare able. Honestly it usually takes 25 minutes for these masks to dry all the way but this one was so much fast. Possibly due to the Southern California weather.


As I removed the mask I saw a bunch of dead skin coming off with it. Yay! That was good and as soon as I got it all off my skin felt smooth, refreshed,  and hydrated. The short time of uncomfortablity was well worth it. I haven’t gotten any new blemishes which is positive for me since some masks just seem to break me out more than any help it can give.

Overall I would purchase again and use once a month. After all it is only $1.97 a pack. If I were you I would give it a try and if you don’t like it is under $2.


Lizzy P.


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