Can't you see the sleep in my eyes? I was sleepy and all I wanted to do was get back in bed!

I was going for the “no makeup” look today. I was super worn out and why on God’s green earth did I decide to workout at 5:30 am before work? I guess only God knows. So since I was so worn out I just wanted a fresh face today. M.A.C. mineral finish in medium deep paired with strange, limit, nooner,  and burn out from my Naked 3 palette. My favorite concealer by Lor’eal and Bobbie Brown smoky eyes mascara. It wasn’t until I finished all this that I forgot that my current favorite nude lip product I have run out of Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Complex. So I just rushed out the door with some chapstick on and called it a day. I would love it if you guys shared some of your quick “no makeup” fresh faces with me.

Side note: I have lost or misplaced my eyebrow pencil from Ziba Beauty and I am really sad. My eyebrows had been looking so snatched lately and I was getting used to the look.


Lizzy P.


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