DIY Mason Jar Salads Recipe

Today was the start of another work week and I was fully prepared having meal prepped the day before. I make my salads in the mason jars and want to share the recipe with you.


The one important factor that can not be overlooked when making these salads, is the layering. It’s all about the layering. You want to put the ingredients that are least effected by dressing at the bottom and the ingredients that will wilt at the top.


Dressing (Yes even ranch will work)
Red onions
Bell peppers
Romane Lettuce
Red leaf lettuce

As long as you keep the jar upright you will have no problems. I also wanted to show you another way to prep your salads if you don’t have jars. My roommate also preps salads for the week in regular containers.


The key here is the ingredients that are wet and will wilt the lettuce should have its own space to the side. Your dressing should be carried on the side and air tight lids are best so no water builds up.
I hope you find this helpful if you have any questions or tips comment down below.


Lizzy P.


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