Hair, Nails, & Beauty Treatments

There are a few treatments I do every one to three months and some new treatments I’m trying, so I just want to share.

I always lighten my hair when I am fiercely ombre. I have actually lightened my hair 5 times in the last three months to get the desired color. (Still not there) I am very careful and do all of it myself. (Comment below if you want a full hair story/tutorial)


Considering how much I have been lightening my hair I know I needed a hair treatment. Since I use restoring conditioners I wasn’t that worried, but after this last time I decided to try using coconut oil. Which I have been reading is very great for strength, shine, and texture.


The instant I dipped in the coconut oil it curled up to its natural state. I could tell my hair was soaking it up. Place it in a bun on top of my head and kept reading for how long to keep it in. Most sites said best results use over night. Ugh I don’t like over night, BUT anything for beauty right??? Grabbed the saran wrap laid it down and hoped for the best.

#DearFutureHusband  I will once a week have over night beauty treatments on that may smell like food. Hey its my business! #dreamofbutter – @LiZzSweetLiZz


Omgee honey in the morning my hair was so silky smooth and lovely I couldn’t believe it. I will definitely will be adding this to the routine.

My favorite monthly treatment is getting my nails done or doing them myself. Nails is truly my passion and hopefully soon I can get my license so I can slay your nails too. I’ve been keeping them pretty simple lately because of the day job. As you can see now I’m having a gold moment. I am loving everything gold. *two snaps*


By the way some of these pics are from snapchat. My new social media obsession since having a phone again. Add me guys let’s be friends – lizzsweetlizz


Lizzy P.


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