Finding Joy in Life

The thing about joy and finding it is it can seem very fleeting. It’s almost as if it is playing this never-ending game of hide and seek. But not only that it’s the best player you’ve ever seen and it can be a true task to find them. Everyday you can wake up and decide to find the joy in your life or you can life in negativity.

So after I had a very crazy long day at work. One in fact where everything seemed to be challenge,  I walked home from work. Normally I put on music but today I just couldn’t I was bothered by the day. Until I got to this part of my walk and saw this.


My mind stopped racing and thinking and I saw the beauty around me. These trees were giving me shade from the 96 degree weather I was trudging through. I started to think of all of the things that bring me joy and as challenging as the day was is as beautiful as the things I could choose to make me full of joy.

So here are some things that bring me joy. It’s a short list really but these can shift my day drastically at any given moment.

1.Taking a walk while listening to music and dancing randomly along the way

2. Singing anywhere at anytime

3. Sketching

4. Reading a fantasy book

5. Meeting a stranger and sharing a great conversation

6. Going to the library reading a book

7. Reading my favorite blogs and enjoying other people’s adventures through life.

8. Writing in my journal

Those are some of things I enjoy that are independent of other people. I think it’s important to not have your happiness rely on others. So take some time and make a list of your own. Then next time the day is long and you need some joy you can pick right up and carry on.



Lizzy P.


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