Rained on Beauty

Let it rain, let it rain on meeeeee! – The Five Heartbeats

Today was another amazingly Sunday Funday.  These got off to a great start as I headed to church. My hair was layed and makeup slayed. Then (dun dun duuuun) midway through worship it started pouring down rain. We have a partial set up outside that needed to be brought in and one of my team mates and I got to work. To be honest it didn’t really phase me UNTIL I saw people’s reactions to how I looked.

As I headed to the bathroom to clean up I laughed so hard. My eyebrows had run as well as my mascara eyeliner combo. Foundation was patching and about the only thing that was still intact was my red lipstick. I wiped it all off and carried on my merry way.

I thought to myself later though there was time where I would have been completely self conscious and insecure about not looking my “best”. Now don’t get me wrong I was not happy that my once layed hair was now a mix of my curly natural hair and matted mess. BUT there are simply somethings that are worth getting wreck for, and serving God’s house is definitely one of them.


Lizzy P.


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