Ray Rice, Violence, & Women


I have previously not spoken about the whole Ray Rice situation because I was passionate and there was no real proof about the facts of what really happened. Oh BUT today the footage was leaked folks. Watch the video here

I was appalled and disgusted with what I saw, for several reasons.

1. Violence towards women is never okay. Who knew pushing a elavator button means you deserved to get knocked out.

2. The story Ray and Janay Rice gave is not true at all. She never attacked him.

3. Rice has no care and no remorse for her after she is knocked out and lying on the floor. Rice actually kicks her several times. Which is something that you could see from the previous footage just not as clear.

As far as the NFL and there ruling of a two game suspension originally. Which might I add is a lesser punishment than players that partake in drugs. Those players miss four games at least. Now the NFL has suspended Rice indefinitely and his team the Baltimore Ravens have ended his contact. A punishment we were all waiting for the first time. Here is some things you may have missed regarding the NFL.

1. The NFL has never had a domestic violence policy. FYI there have been other issues before.

2. When Janay Rice was asked to tell her story she was placed in a room with, the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell, her husband who knocked her out, and Rice’s coach. No support for her was present at all. A room full of men and her abuser was what she got.

3. The NFL has simply been reacting to developments of this issue. Which makes me believe that if up to them Ray Rice would still be suspended only a couple of games. They are literally just reacting to the publics outrage.

4. I do not at all believe that the NFL in all its glory have not seen this footage. They choose to send them to counseling and try to fix it so he could play. Money is always more important that human life.

5. Why is it that Rice can reapply to be reinstated at a later date?

6. If Rice was a line man would this even have been a conversation? Part of it has to be about the level of importance he plays.

I know there are bound to be some of you out there that have questions about Janay Rice and her decisions. Can we take a moment and make some observations though.

1. Ray and Janay Rice have both said that this was not the first domestic violence issue they have had. Thus meaning she is a battered women. Which means we all know many of these women can’t leave or go against there abusers. Whether you agree or not it’s just the truth about the mental warfare battered women face.

2. Yes she married him one month later, but like many of us male or female we take apologies and move on. Especially if we think we are wrapped up in that thing called love.

3. The NFL immediately entered her in a spousal abuse program. Letting you know the league knew she needed help.

I hope that the NFL and other sports leagues can learn from this. I am disappointed in the league and the commissioner. It is never the women’s fault that she is abused, it is the man’s decision to strike. Wrong is wrong people and there should be no justification. 

A parallel I have been drawing for my friends and family has been Jay-Z and Solange. Now here’s a situation where Solange attacked Jay-Z and repeatedly struck and kicked him.  What did Jay-Z do he protected himself, but never did raise his hand to strike her back.

Now it’s your turn to way in – what do you think the NFL was thinking? Were they right or wrong? Comment down below


Lizzy P.


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