Grocery Shopping 101


A huge part of being able to succeed in your eating is grocery shopping with intention. I have noticed that when I get everything I need there is no need for me to get fast food or something I really shouldn’t be eating. Here are some of my tips that have helped me immensely.

1. Always make a list! Something to try is organizing the list by meals.
Chicken Breast

2. Make sure to plan what your snacks are. One week I forgot to buy fruit and I sure did grap some candy instead, when I needed a snack.
My snacks: fruit, veggies, and nuts

3. Buy your groceries at least by the week. I buy at least two weeks of protein so I can freeze or marinade what is already planned out. The rest of my raw foods I get once a week or gauge how long it will last and go every week and a half.

4. Most importantly never I repeat NEVER go shopping hungry! Every time I go shopping hungry it is game over. I get unnecessary items and everything looks SO good.

That’s it for now! I’ll be back with more as I grow I will definitely be sharing with you all.


Lizzy P.


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