Invest in Your Life!


For the last six weeks I have been making it work with what I have as far as working out. It has been okay but I have a great disdain for the outdoors. Not because it’s bad but because it is just that much harder for me to breath. The elements are challenging with my health issues. So I have been shopping around for a gym. I thought I was going to go with CRUNCH GYM but
I headed to check out Gold’s Gym and there was no comparison.  The features are just that much better. Oh but that’s not all ladies and gents,  as I was speaking to the salesman about my goals and why I’m there he shows me the pricing. Which is of course a little higher than CRUNCH, mid sentence he stops his general manager begins to tell him I can’t pay the monthly and I have health issues. Then just like that the general manager says your medical insurance will cover a portion if the doctor says you have to come. Only catch is you have to come three times a week and if you don’t come then this price is no longer available. 

I was so happy the price was dropped low enough for me to be able to pay with ease. Plus the fact that I have another form of accountability/incentive to go. I know for a fact I would have backed out and not gone through with it saying I can’t afford it. Really that money is found in eating out. Something I am moving away from doing.

Take some time to invest in your life! Eating out although fun with friends is not a good investment and will surely not keep you alive longer. I’m sure I will still enjoy a meal out with friends but now it will be planned as fun instead of a lifestyle choice to never cook or prepare meals.


Lizzy P.


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