To Ipsy or to Not Ipsy?

Most of you know I used to be an Ipsy subscriber BUT then they decided to screw up my order and take over a month to give me the items. Then my new bag was late blah, blah, blah. Oddly now after this debacle I find myself missing it. Geez I guess that’s what happens when your love language is gifts. Any every gift makes you feel all warm and tingling on the inside. Thus the problem to ipsy or to not ipsy?


Lizzy P.


One thought on “To Ipsy or to Not Ipsy?

  1. Find a different one give IPSY a chance to get their act together , like 6 months to a year. Then maybe give them another try. If they last that long chances are they got it worked out. Otherwise I would think nobody wants to go through all that confusion and people will drop them and they will be one of those companies that we sit around and say oh do you remember IPSY ? And we will say oh yea they were the ones that messed up the orders they went out of business lol.


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