Real Talk about Food & Fitness #2


It’s been 7 or 8 weeks deep in my commitment towards a healthier lifestyle. I have to say things are getting much easier. I think my taste buds have finally accepted and transitioned to liking ‘healthy’ food. The trick was to cut out all other sweets and fast food so I could give my body a chance to detox. Which is good but my body is now rejecting fast food. Couldn’t even eat it if I tried. Oh and when I tried to drink some punch at a party it just tasted so gross. Like pure syrup!  I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I do still enjoy the occasional ice cream bar but there are just somethings this girl is willing to work off in the gym. Sushi is my other little pleasure but I keep it raw.
As far as fitness I have lost *drum roll* 18 pounds. I have been consistent with my workouts and having fun while doing it. I had one day that was a struggle fest after spinning. Lord help me that was hard! I just can’t hit another mountain but I guess I shall try again.

I hope it is getting easier for all of you and if not just keep pressing through. You’ll get there!


Lizzy P.


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