October Goals


Goodbye September! Whew what a month that was, so many ups and downs. That’s exactly why I’m so happy to say hello to wonderful beautiful October. Hi October I love you, love you baby. That last statement just sings of how much I didn’t like September. Anyways I always make goals for myself on the first week of the new month. I was productive and quite timely this month and planned on the 1st. After I finished I thought I could share some from each category. Okay let’s dive right in.

Successfully make exercise apart of my weekly routine.
I almost met this last month but due to injury and one week where I was just plain old lazy.

Invest in my business
I have several business plans just sitting down collecting dust. I need to take some action no matter how small to make those a reality.

Read more books
I have a super long list of books that I want to read but never get to. Books about entrepreneurship, leadership, and communication. If you want to grow in an area it’s always best to pick up a book and read.

Write everyday!
I need to write for this site and a few other things I have tucked away. I am trying to monetize my passion. Also I am looking for some sites I can guest blog on.

Spend less money on food
Looking at my money breakdown I made great advances in this area but I still need to cut it down. I am tired of all my money flooding this area when I need things for my business and my life.

Well those are just a few in the massive mapping which is my life. Until next month’s goals and check up HAPPY PLANNING!


Lizzy P.


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