Que Bella Masks

You guys already know I love my inexpensive face masks from Que Bella. But let me tell you I was so disappointed in the cooling mask. First off it was suppose to be a peal off mask umm nope it never dried. They said it would take 15-25 minutes but it didn’t set. So I waited 50 minutes just to see what would happen. Nothing, nothing happened at all. Besides the cooling aspects I was disappointed. Then the horror of all horrors the in the next couple of days a blemish showed up oh and another and so on.


Right in the middle of my forehead. Bleh

I have a couple other masks and so I decided after three days to try the purifying mask it has tree oil in it which I know is good for blemishes and it’s also clay.


Let’s just see how this goes, trust I will be back with another update.


Lizzy P.


3 thoughts on “Que Bella Masks

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