Take a Moment

We all have issues, problems, and situations. They can severely alter the way you view life. With every passing negative moment you become a little more dull. If you just take a moment stop and look around there are a million wonderful, lovely, and AMAZING things that make life shiny and bright.

What I’m learning in life is when you focus on the negative there is no forward motion. It literally sucks every bit of you up. For instance when your boss corrects you and you may feel it’s unwarranted. You get mad, frustrated, and just downright upset. It’s not effecting anyone but you. Well really it is has a ripple effect and you start being negative and nasty to the people around you.

You were created to live life abundantly! Everything else is mere distractions to keep you from that abundance. So take that moment right now. Take some deep breaths and toss the negative out and take in the beauty around you, because it’s there. I know some of you are reading but you don’t know my situation. That’s right I don’t know but I know that it’s not going to kill you to try. The worst that can happen is you stay right where your at.

Be forever sparkly and never ever dull – Lizzy P.



Lizzy P.


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