Put in the Work!

Lately I have been receiving emails and inboxes asking me what’s the secret to my fitness progress. One even said it seemed so unfair that I was losing so much weight so fast. When it seems like I’m not doing as much as the writer.
Well I’m sorry folks I have no secret, just hard work and creating a new lifestyle for myself. Today even I woke up craving candy, soda, and chilli cheese fries. I don’t really know why. As I sipped my green goodness juice it was a little harder than most days. I said a prayer for God to send me his strength to be able to conquer this thing today.

Later when I was presented with the opportunity to buy some candy I resisted and tried not to even look at it. I thought.

It won’t hurt I worked out last night. I’ve been doing two a days and pushing it. What’s one bag of candy?

Then as soon as I had that thought another popped up.

No don’t you get that candy! Why are you creating an excuse for

you self to indulge?

So maybe there it is folks a though process, prayer, and discipline. No excuses, no games, and strength from God. That’s how I am making it through one day at a time. What I’ve learned so far in this journey is YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK! It’s not easy breaking every habit I’ve had for 20 some odd years. It is WORK! That’s why there is no secret I can tell you. There is no wrap, powder, shake, or eating system that is helping me drop the weight.

I love getting your emails and messages and am so willing to share as I always I do here. As I am growing and learning I truly want you to learn and grow. If your down to put in the work I’m down to help in any way that I can.



Lizzy P.


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