Stiletto Nails

The other day I changed my nail shape. I have always rocked with square nails. I don’t know call me old fashion but when stiletto nails or claws came out I turned up my nose.
So after a year of square I decided to take a risk and try it out. I was pleasantly suprised as my nail tech started to shape them up I smiled. She noticed and said “See Liz I have been telling you, good for your fingers.” I laughed. I am so happy with the change and actually like the way they look on my fingers. I was so afraid they were going to make my hand look chubby. Nail art no problem but my hand looking fat because of my nail shape HEART ATTACK. Silly I know but it’s something I think about. Been working on changing that thought process but it’s a work in process.



Lizzy P.


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