Oscar De La Renta


I learned that Oscar De La Renta had passed away last night. I was instantly saddened. My friend was with me didn’t get it but as I began to explain it to her I realized. Oscar was not just a fashion designer he was a visionary. To me he had always seem to have this beautiful balance between art and life.

You see his pieces weren’t just clothes they were wearable art. That made the person wearing them come alive. The vibrant colors and the shape always make the person appear just a little bit brighter and much more full of life.

Oscar didn’t just make clothes he created art. Art which just happened to walk down the street or to a fancy ball. Maybe even art that walked down the runway to meet her groom, but art none the less.

I will truly miss his skill and level of art he brought the world. The class and sophistication he provided to women across the globe. My personal favorite is bridal. Here’s a few of my favorite dresses.







Lizzy P.


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