What We Can Learn from Kindergartners


I had the privilege of working with a bunch of kindergartners. It was one of the most amazing days I’ve had at work. On the walk home I thought how awesome and simple life seemed to them. Here are some key things I think we can learn from these tiny humans.

1. Confidence! That’s right, you heard me CONFIDENCE! While we were all painting today a little boy stepped back from his painting looked at it and exclaimed “This is really good! I am really good at painting.” I kind of chuckled. As another teacher told him he was good but maybe he wanted to add a little more he said “Nope I like it just the way it is.” No matter how much she tried he wouldn’t budge he was confident in his work. Shoot most adults can’t take a compliment let alone give themselves one. *ponder that*

2. The ability to call it like it is. Yep this is important. As we were making ice cream on little guys ice cream would not thicken up. One of the adults said she didn’t know what to do. So another student says “He’s not getting ice cream today. It’s okay Billy it didn’t work but you can have some of mine.” She assessed the situation, call it like it was, and gave the solution. *BAM*

3. Care for each other! I can’t even tell you all the moments I saw today where they simply had care and genuine love for one another. My favorite moment was a kid just bit it, I mean fell really hard on his face. He just tripped over his own feet. Five little friends rushed to his aid. I heard them asking them questions as I approached. “Are you okay?” Did you hurt yourself?” “Can I give you a hug?” “Did you hurt yourself or your feelings?” That last one had me for loop. Another teacher told me they know about feelings and get sometimes people hurt them and need a hug. So after a minute he took the hug while another friend dusted him off and yet another asked him what he wanted to play next. When I thought about it on the way home I was like that was some really genuine care when a friend was knocked down. How many adults can say they rise to the occasion when a friend is knocked down?

So there they are can you say these are still intact in your life? Has life hardened or broke you? If so just learn from a kindergartner and change it up.


Lizzy P.


One thought on “What We Can Learn from Kindergartners

  1. Yup now you know why I loved working with the McKee’s! I have so enjoyed taking my grand daughter to school this week listening to their conversations , viewing their interactions tiny humans are amazing !


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