Reorganizing My Life

Today was a bit hard not because anything bad happened but because I decide to purge my life. I can be a very organized person but as things change I let it slip back into chaos sometimes. As you all know I have by now lost a considerable amount of weight. Which entails that many of my clothes don’t fit anymore.

I started with cleaning out and getting rid of clothes?!?! Where do they do that at? I guess here! It was a crazy process but inspired by a business ides I had 4 years ago for a clothing organization company. When I found my old journal detailing the process I figured I’d try it on myself. All in all I got rid of eight bags of stuff. I needed to do it but it’s always a little scary when you get rid of things and haven’t yet got replacements. Alas it’s done no going back. Get rid of the old so you can make room for the old.


Lizzy P.


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