Shopping Day & Business Haul

Today was quite the eventful day! It started off with my first official paying customer for Lizzy P. Nails.


French tip pedicure and one hour later I was off to run around town. First stop Ikea where I got a watercolor paint set and new hamper for my laundry. Random I know but I needed the paint for a new canvas I’m working on. I also had so picture fun playing around.


I was doing a bunch of walking so I needed to be sporty with a little bit of chic. Next was lunch and Charming Charlie where I picked up a much needed new wallet. My mom and her sister said “You have a business now you need a new wallet.” The thing is my wallet is one of my favorite things I own. It’s not that special or designer but it’s perfect for me. In fact it was only $6 dollars from forever 21 seven years ago. Now it’s torn and I’ve glued it down twice and it was time to get a grown up wallet.



The pink one is new and it is my signature color so I guess I shall adjust. Last stop was target to pick up some towels for when I’m doing people’s nails and of course beauty products for here.


It was an AWESOME day! Now I’m off to organize some more. Pray my strength getting your life is hard.


Lizzy P.


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