November Goals


Another month gone and I have to say October wasn’t half bad. I hit tons of goals and although they didn’t look exactly like I thought it would it definitely happened. So here there are some of my monthly goals for November.

Fitness: As you know I have lost 37 pounds at this point, but I want to kick it up a notch. I need to establish another level of discipline with food especially on the weekends. Ahhh the weekends the reason I only lost 7 pounds in October. This may be a lofty goal but I need to lose 15 pounds this month. I know these next two months will be a testament of whether I have really changed or not. With all the holiday food and parties it’s going to take some serious focus to get through but I am determined to end the year right.

Business: I actually invested more in my business then I expected last month. This month’s goal is to build my client base and have vendor tables at more events. For one I love being with people and I love expressing why art is the way it is. Everything is created with intention. This is the first step of working myself out of my day job. Say it with me “I can, I will, I did!”

Money Management: I actually decreased my spending on food out by 20% last month. I’m happy about that but I still need to decease it more. Those random days I walk by subway and get a veggie sub need to be OVER. Those are pure moments of laziness and we simply just don’t have time for that. I would like to see it decrease by 40% this month. Second goal is to replace the money I invested in business and not touch for any reason.

Writing: I didn’t make my goal in this area last month, I know sad days. I missed six days. Although you may think that’s not a lot of all 31 days. It was to many for me. With so many changes in my schedule or a couple late nights/busy weekends I missed days for no reason. No excuses here!

Love: It may sound odd but I need to work on my love walk. I have kinda been in my own little bubble loving the people who love me. I have most of my been a hot or cold, in or out person. So lately I’ve noticed I’ve been this way with people in perticular. That’s just not okay and if I let it continue my sassyness will form into jerkdom and then into a more sarcastic people cutting machine. Definitely not where I want to be.

There they are a couple of my goals that I created solid plans for. Raise your glass and cheers to another month of smashing goals and taking names.

What is one of your goals? Share below in the comments.


Lizzy P.


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