Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S5: Photo FX


I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S5 for a few months now and I am still in love with it. Whilst still finding better ways to use it and what apps are great for android users. (I used to be team iphone) I figured I would share my best apps folder by folder and talk about why I love them so much. The first folder is photo fx.

Photofy – one of my favorites for so many reasons. For one I make most of the graphics you see here in this app. It’s like picmonkey for your phone. It really is a one stop shop for all photo needs. Effects, cropping, color, memes, adding words, and stock designs/photos. You can also automatically share to the major social networks. Croping is especially helpful because it will make your puture a square for instagram. Little tip though I always save mine and then put them in Instagram for more altering if necessary. The most comparable to iPhone’s ever popular afterlight.

No Crop – this one is very helpful when I take an amazing photo from my stock camera. We all know the dreaded instagram square that cuts everything off. This prevents that but does leave borders on the sides. You can change the border color, even have a pattern. I mostly keep it simple but that’s just my taste.

Repost – The android repost whiz app which allows you to share pictures and video from other users on instagram. Sometimes you just love what you see and want to share with your followers.

Blend Pic – is interesting because just like it sounds you can blend two pictures together I don’t use it that much but there is always those times on come in handy.

Photo Mirror – so you can mirror any picture. What makes this one unique is the ability to control the distant between the mirroring.

Photo Grid – There are so many different variations that can be used. Filmstrip, slides, tons of pre made grids, and templates. All without plastering the apps name on your picture.

Camera Timer – Although my stock camera comes with a timer this timer can be set for a longer time. Really it’s the only reason I use it sometimes because getting the right ootd shot take a little more time.

Well there you have it the photo apps I love. If you have any that you love comment below so I can check them out. Remember sharing is caring folks it doesn’t make you better to keep all the goods from everyone else.


Lizzy P.


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