Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S5: Social


Now it’s time for the social apps yay!

BuzzFeed – who doesn’t know buzzfeed it’s fun, news, and everything else you need.

Pocket app – I love this one because we all have those moments when we want to keep reading that article and can’t. Well now you can share it to pocket and with your friends for later watching or reading.

Pinterest – pinning is winning ya’ll. I get so much inspiration from Pinterest and find so many amazing other bloggers that pin. Follow me and let’s pin together.

Group me – I mostly use this for the church I’m involved in. We have a group to stay in communication, but I have branched out with several friend groups and we laugh as we chat. I think it’s better than group text messages.

Snapchat – I got snapchat on a whim and haven’t used it much. Maybe I just need to add more people but I haven’t deleted it yet so? Bleh

Facebook Messenger – many people hate it but it’s just one way people reach me so I rock with it. Plus since Facebook made us have to get the extra app. I hated to wait till I got home to see what people had to say.

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