Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S5: Fashion


Fashion is another passion of mine and I love to keep up on what’s going on in that world.  Here’s the apps I love that keep me up to date.

Asos Mag – this app is filled with articles from Asos magazine each month. As well as helpful tips and tutorials.

Lookbook – we all know Lookbook right? If not its the place where people post outfit of the days and entire look books. There are done of different styles and inspiration. I don’t post there yet but I do look at everyone else’s so far.

Vogue – I mean it’s Vogue people! They post articles, updates, and the breaking news of all things fashion.

Polyvore – makes the best collages EVER! I have made many and posted them here. Plus you can see the creativity of others and get tons of inspiration.

HauteLook – is the only shopping app I have mostly because I don’t do much online shopping. It is great to have for their beauty products. They have great discounts on brand name products.


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