Every once in awhile there are moments in time that you can never get back. This Saturday is going to be one of those moments. Creatives from all over southern California will come together in one place. Carrying their dreams, visions, and inspiration for all to see. This event is no ordinary creative arts festival there will be scholarships, artists, and people ready to inspire you to dream on purpose.

The host is Whitley Porter a young visionary who has overcame her own odds to accomplish the visions God has placed inside of her. Porter’s passion to inspire people to dream again and never give up is found in everything she does in life. It is her dreaming on purpose.

You may be wondering how you can support from wherever you are in the world.

1. Is to buy a ticket and come experience this epic moment unfolding

2. Buy a ticket for someone else. Be a sponser, I know a bunch of you don’t live anywhere near me. You can make someone’s life come alive by the purchasing of this ticket.

You can purchase your tickets here

So there it is folks the reason I have big talking about momentum building. Because I believe it truly is as we all converge on CSUSB on Saturday night. I will be there live painting during the show. So come say hi and take a picture.


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