December Goals


Wow we are at the last month of the year. Which has seemed to get here so soon. When making my list today I was reflecting on the year I’ve had. It truly has been a very good year for me. I’m happy December’s here but still have a few things to get in before we say good bye to 2014.

Health & Fitness: As always I’m still on that grind to get my health up. I found last month to be extremely difficult. So I made a new list of meals and places I can eat. What I can eat at these establishments that will benefit me. A lot of my downfall last month is that I simply just wanted comfort food. Warm and cozy, but I’m giving that up food doesn’t comfort me God does.

Business: Well some interesting things have happened in this area last month. I feel even more pressed upon to step out, further into the deep. I started some new ventures in my quest to be a full time entrepreneur. What I’m finding is I need to be even more organized to manage it all properly. I already have my planner and a few more apps to assist but kicking this sometimes lazy or nervous thing is my main goal. Also I need to define some contracts for my services so I don’t get swindled.

Money Mangement: I actually did good in this area last month. Yay! I’m finally feeling disciplined in this area. I’m no longer binge shopping or buying things I don’t need. My goal this month is to build new budgets for the next year. Also to save crazy amounts of money and not over spend turnin’ all the way up this holiday season.

Writing: I want to find a writing group if there is one thing I have learned it’s that I love writing more than I ever have known. Writing has always been something I thought I was so bad at. Now I love it and my writing voice. I need to find a group of people share my new found passion.

I have to give a shout out to my girl over at her no buy last month was simply inspirational. Why she picked one of the hardest months of the year to do this I’ll never know, but I am proud and inspired by her will power.

Well that’s it for this month’s goals. I want to encourage you all to finish this year strong. When you start to think about quiting and waiting to next year to start again. Remember you are building the life you want and every day lost is a day you get stuck exactly where you are at. Push forward this month! Comment and let me know how you plan on conquering the last month of the year.


Lizzy P.


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