Fun Things to do When it Rains


The first rain storm of the season has hit Southern California. I know my easy coast gals and southern belles are probably giving me the side eye, but we don’t like the rain so much around these parts. As always there are bright spots in the darkness so here’s my list of fun things to do when it rains.

Change up your hair style: I know you love to wear your hair straight but everything about rain screams curls and waves. Go natural, braids, messy buns, or just all over curls. Embrace the weather it will surely make your life easier.

Read a book: Now you should be reading books on the regular but if not use this as an opportunity to find a good read. My pick: Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl

Crank up that ole fireplace: One of my fondest memories as a child was my parents lighting the fireplace on a cold and wet day. We would get warm, cozy, and it made everything just feel so filled with love. Spend some time with those you love  getting warm.

Write or sketch in a journal: It is actually more fun than you think. Write about your day and watch your creative side come out. Or write about your frustrations which is very therapeutic. You will even see yourself and thoughts in a new light.

Have a warm drink: Hot chocolate, apple cider, peppermint mocha latte  (my personal favorite) and of course tea. It will warm your core and you will soon forget about the showers outdoors.

So there it is my list of fun things, which I hoped you noticed did not include t.v.
Spend time with loved one, get to know yourself a little better, or escape to another world in a book. Find the bright spots in the all the darkness.


Lizzy P.


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