This Week on Netflix: Gossip Girl

Let’s see where do I begin with Gossip Girl? Well I guess I’ll start with as everyone was obsessed with it I never watched while it was on television. One because I had already read the book and two because I wasn’t with all the hype. I can’t say anymore how wrong I was. THIS SHOW IS FREAKIN’ AMAZING, aaaaaand I’m about to tell you why. (If you haven’t watch the show you should stop reading here if you don’t want details)


The Key Players: Nate Archibald, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, and Dan Humphrey. All though the show has a whole host of other characters they all stem from these key players.


Gossip Girl: The blog about the upper east side for the upper east side and written by the upper east side. Gossip Girl is an anonymous blog that gets tips from all of its readers. It displays the ugly truth about the high society of the upper east side. No one knows who she is but loves to read the deets on her side. Over the course of the series many have tried to reveal who she is to no avail.


Serena Van Der Woodsen: The “it” girl when gossip girl starts she is returning from a mysterious departure. She is literally the main focus of gossip girls blog and often finds herself on the losing end. Serena’s partying, boyfriends, and bad choices always find there way splattered across gossip girls blog. Serena often finds herself in trouble. Even though she views herself as good and never means to. She has a sorted history with drugs and alcohol.

Serena’s Main Quest: seems to be trying to “start fresh” where no one knows her or can judge her.


Blair Waldorf: The headband dawning, scheming power hungry queen B of the upper east side. Who just so happens to be Serena’s bff. She is evil to the core and will do anything to get her way.

Blair’s Main Quest: although ever changing on season it’s to get into Yale or another is to be a princess. Blair is always committed to being in control and more popular than her bff Serena. She really just wants people to see her.


B & S: From the very beginning they are displayed as bff’s but troubled. S returns from her mysterious departure and B is not all to happy for her return. They go through a war for who is going to be queen and rule the school. This is pretty much their main story line throughout the series. They always find a way to fight and then love again.


Dan Humphrey: Hailing from Brooklyn Dan finds himself taking the train to the upper east side to attend school. He was not at all born into privilege and wants to attend Yale and be a writer. Dan’s one distraction is that he is obsessed with Serena or so we think. He finds his way into their world and the rest is history.

Dan’s Main Quest: To become a writer and be an insider. All while pretending like he didn’t want to.


Dan & Serena: When Serena returns Dan finds himself on the gossip girl site labeled as lonely boy. He is thrust together with S. So S decides to give him a try and falls madly in love. He is nothing like all the upper east side boys or men of her past. Dan and Serena hit many a bumby road though whether it’s their parents getting married or Serena’s past conquests they always find a way to part.


Lily Rhodes (Van Der Woodsen, Humprey, Bass etc.): Lily is Serena’s mother who has been married six times. She is probably what most would say is a premonition of Serena’s future. Lily loves the comforts of the upper east side and simply can’t live without them. Often placing her comforts before love and marriage. Lily is also one of the best schemers there is.

Lily’ Main Quest: To keep the comforts of her upper east side lifestyle.


Chuck Bass: Chuck is as evil as they come. He always has a bottom line and parties like the best of them. Mostly due to the fact that his mother is dead and his father is no father at all. All Bart Bass provides is the funding for his lifestyle.

Chuck’s Main Quest: To become greater than his father and prove him wrong.


Chuck & Blair: The evil duo pair up to create an epic love story line. Through everything you find yourself routing for the reuniting of Chuck and Blair. They have many a scheme and fold plane that work against their relationship but in the end they are made for each other.


Lily & Rufus: One of the best love story lines. Lily and Rufus were in love in their late teens early 20’s. The pair parted ways due to Lily’s mother. They reunite get married but it all comes down to Lily’s lying, scheming, and unwillingness to get up her upper east side comforts. You find yourself wanting so badly for them to just get it together.


Georgina Sparks: Serena’s previous best friend who is even more evil than Blair (at least Blair has a conscience) G only returns to cause mayhem and chaos. She always has an agenda and you will go most of the series thinking she’s gossip girl.

As you can see from all the little bits I have shared with you Gossip Girl is very entertaining. It will have you on the edge of your seat wondering who is real and what is fake. There is much more than I have written here. So if you have Netflix I would recommend this one go on the list.

Tell next time


Lizzy P.


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