But Miss Liz it’s Not Fair!

As most of you know my day job is working within a school district. My placement most of the school year this far has been at a junior high school. I work mostly with special education and behavioral students and the top phrase I hear is “But Miss Liz it’s not fair!” I always have a response to try and calm and soothe them, but then I thought about it today LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

I mean really I have never known life to be fair anywhere I have turned. The rules are always broken, there is always an exception, and people just simply don’t play fair. I think it’s quite natural for us to play favorites.

So when a group of adults are speaking about how everything needs to be fair I realized this isn’t a kid problem it’s a people problem. We all crave fairness for some reason. But we are all missing one major thing no one ever promised us fair. So why do we expect it?

For me it is very weird that instead of preparing children for the truth of the real world we are arguing for the right of fairness. Something that in my adult life has never happened. I’m not talking about it always working against me. Unfairness has worked for me many times. Special exceptions and times I have been picked over a person more qualifed. I have known that there are some doors that opened off of my personality and the way I present myself not on my qualifications.

I myself when examining my actions can’t say I play fair across the board. I have favorites at work and in my personal life. When I say this people always loudly disagree and say they don’t do that and sure maybe some people don’t but most of us do. Am I just the only person who grew a pair and isn’t afraid to say what is true?

Think about it if someone you have built a relationship with asking you to do something or stay late to help them then you are more likely to help them. Then if a person you barely know asks you the same thing you may think twice before committing or not commit at all. That’s just LIFE!

So do people just cry play fair to have a complaint instead of trying to overcome? Does it have to do with the fact that we don’t like to be rejected? When someone doesnt pick us or our way we just dont like it and it makes us feel bad. All I know is that from my experience life’s not fair and it was more helpful to learn that earlier rather than later.

But Miss Liz it’s not fair!

So to that I have to say

yeah well that’s life! What are you going to do about it?


Lizzy P.


One thought on “But Miss Liz it’s Not Fair!

  1. My standard response has always been no one ever promised you fair what Jesus promised is that He would never leave you nor forsake you! Meaning even when things are unfair God has got you. I still look for fair but don’t expect to see it often.


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