Your life MATTERS: 7 Easy Steps to Overcome Despair


Today I awoke to the news that Titi  Branch Co-founder of Miss Jessie’s natural hair care line was found dead at 45. From an apparent suicide. Yes that’s right another suicide. From another beautiful successful and fairly young woman.

I was troubled not because I knew her personally but because this keeps happening over  and over again. The despair of depression can happen to anyone and anywhere. Amist all the posts I saw people crying out for help on the issue, or saying love your loved ones. Never take another day for granted.

On these days most people post and move on but for some people it has been there reality every day. A reality they smile right through. Shoot I was once there! If I’m not careful I can quickly return. It really is a slippery slope.

Here are some things that help me and I pray can help you. If not find things that work for you and know that your life matters.

1. SLEEP! Sleep is necessary for you living life. Insomniacs are 10 times more likely to be depressed. When your tired you are far more emotional than your well rested self. Plus for me all those hours by myself alone at night are not good.

2. Reconnect to people! The worst thing you can do when you are depressed is to isolate yourself. The longer you are by yourself the worse things will get. You may not want to get out or feel like you have no energy but that will shift. Think back to some good times and get out with some friends. See the world have some fun. Make sure those people are postive.

3. Avoid Alcohol! Alcohol is a downer/depressant. Step away from it that relaxing feeling you think your getting is just keeping you weighed down and you can’t think clearly. Your mind is being altered. I know when I used to drown my sorrows everything would just seem 10 worse. No hope in site. JUST POUR IT OUT AND WALK AWAY.

4. Journal please journal! It will help you organize your thoughts and when you read back what you’ve written will most likely bring you clarity. You will see the highs the lows and be able to adjust. Don’t let your thoughts run wild they can not be trusted. Everything you think can not be trusted.

5. Recognize your need! This is a big one recognize your need for help and get some. The truth is we all need help on one area or another. There tends to be a lot of shame in this area. I say toss it out and reach for what you need. For me that looked like reaching out to the people at my local church.

6. Connect back with God! Over time I have realized that reading the word and connecting with God is a major way that helps me. Most of the time when I’m feeling down I’m not spending time with God. Whether in prayer or in reading the word, even worship. I’m kinda just wallowing in my own despair. Reach out to God and he will reach out to you. If you are unsure where to start Google scriptures that help with depression. Or seach for the on

7. Never make big decisions in a valley! You may be tempted to quit everything, lay in bed, or take your own life. My advice is WAIT don’t make permanent decisions on a feeling and thoughts you have for a moment or even several days. I know it’s painful and it’s seems like people will reject your cry but trust me God will never fail you and there are people who care.

YOUR LIFE MATTERS!!! YOU ARE NEEDED AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Tell those thoughts and feelings to go straight to hell where they came from.

Comment down below if you have any more tips or are in need of prayer. Your life matters far to much to stay silent and in pain.

With all of my love,

Lizzy P.


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