Christmas Haul

Wow! Christmas was amazing and I am so thankful be able to celebrate with friends and family. Since I’ve been adult I don’t think I’ve been showered with this much love. Not just in gifts but spending time with the people I love and having a truly wonderful time.

I had a bit of an emotional reaction though from two gifts. One my niece gave me it was a box she painted and wrote my name on with a note. The note was so encouraging and spoke such life to me. The other was my friend investing in my business. Many people kind of shrug and say oh yeah that thing you do. So for someone so close to me to pour into me was amazing.

My other gifts are simply amazing because they are my favorite things *cues music* I am so blessed and must find a way to give back more than what was given to me on this day.

To be real gifts being one of my love languages can be quite ackward sometimes. I feel so appreciated at the fact that someone though of me. So I guess that’s why I feel so overwhelmed. What did I do to deserve these natural gifts.

All I know is I am very thankful!



It got a little real when we played uno though. I’m really competitive *Jesus is still working on me* shoot I’ve come such a long way in that area. Basically this is just life with Lizzy P. Any given day or time you never know what’s going to happen. One things for sure it’s bound to be an adventure.

I am so writing this in my graditude journal. So the next time the devil tries to play me with those negative thoughts I can remember the love.


Lizzy P.


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