Weekend Indoor Shenanigans


My nails are New Years Eve ready. I’ve been obsessed with rose gold and white for a while. When I passed by a Forever 21 with a dress this exact color it inspired me. As for the dip on the tip *shrugs* just trying something new. For some reason these have me sangin bright lights and the big cityyyyy… Maybe I just need a pitch perfect watching session. Hope you enjoyed your last Saturday of the year.

It’s cold for me still didn’t make it to the gym and you know the struggle to breathe has been real. So I’ve just been turnin’ up as much as possible in my room. Masks, make up, and reading Ahh with a little Netflix on the side. Chill or nah? Livin’ on a prayer that the temperature will rise so I can turn up all the way. You know what I’m sayin? I would hate to be this way for nye. *runs* eucalyptus and spearmint treatments to the rescue. *Fingers crossed*


Lizzy P.


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