January Goals


It’s the first day of the new year and month. Which means we make goals around here. Making my goals actually got me super excited for the year. To be real I wasn’t as stoked for this  new year as in the past, but seeing my goals on paper shifted me. Write the vision and make it plain.

Fitness & Health: To get back in the gym at least 3 – 5 times a week. I’ve been going here and there but my goal for this month is consistency. NO MATTERS WHAT!

Money Management: I revised my budgets today and I plan on sticking to them. As much as I had cut out spending eating out is as much as it increased last month. I need to stick to the amounts I set and not step out of it. I love eating out with friends the fellowship time is what I love. I wrote a list of fun free things we can do outside of eating. Plus I need to prep my healthy snacks so I’m not spending small amounts of money that add up to a lot at the end of the month. Another thing I set up is to having monthly meetings with my personal banker. This will help me asses where I am financially and if I am on track to reach my goals. I am extremely blessed with an awesome banker who calls me when he sees me spending to much, BUT sometimes I ignore him. Sorry Tony!

Writing: Last month I did not reach my goal of finding a writing group. Eek! I did take a few online classes and read articles but when I looked up groups I was overwhelmed. Some of them just seemed so critical. Alas I need to join one and will do just that the worst that can happen is people rip my work to shreds and I grow right. I actually think I’ll enjoy it once in the swing of things. So time to get it done. As far as guest posts that goal is becoming reality this month with a post I’ve already written. (More details to come later) I will still be submitting my work to publications. I made a goal to submit at least 3 articles this month.

YouTube: Before there was lizzypbeauty.com it all started on YouTube. I had wanted to start a channel for years before it was really even a thing, but always convinced myself I couldn’t do it. I gave it a go at the beginning of last year but became discouraged when I didn’t have the equipment to make my videos fancy. I really do love making videos and will work with what is in my hand. I have to much content I want to share via that platform that I can’t ignore any more.

Discipline: I need discipline in my life in a major way. Every area I fail in is due to a lack of discipline. Procrastination is not my friend if I plan accomplishing my goals I need to have more structure and stick to it. I’ve been treasure hunting in the bible all day for scriptures on discipline. Not really fun but helpful. Setting up a plan!

Those are some of my major immediate goals. Let’s attack this month head on and get it done.

Comment down below with a goal you have this month. Share how you plan to execute it if you want. Let’s help each other reach our goals.


Lizzy P.


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