Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Review, Swatches, & Looks

If you read my previous post you would know that I stumbled upon this palette. Sephora was emptied out and I found this palette by chance. I am so glad I got it. So let’s dig in…

What Smashbox Says: Palette with possibilities! Coated pigments give a multidimensional effect when wet, so the possibilities are endless. Create a look with all dry shadows, all wet shadows, or mix it up with wet and dry.

Top row (from left to right): Silver, mauve, peony, blanc, quartz, flushed, and veiled



Swatches Dry for top row

Each swatch is with one swipe. The top row is fairly light but the only one I had swatching problems with was quartz. It was patchy compared to the others.


Swatches when wet

Here is the top row while wet. Some are I prefer much more wet. Like Blanc and quartz. All the patchyness of quartz when dry is not relevant when wet.

Bottom Row (From left to right): Midnight, temper, haze, noir, copper, fig, espresso.



Swatches dry

The problem child in this row is fig when dry it is patchy and not very pigmented. It took several swipes to get what you see on my arm.


When wet most of the darker shades just get darker. Midnight is my favorite because it becomes darker and still has that shimmer and shine. The problems with fig are none existent when wet.

Palette & Packaging:


After I wet the shadows they looked lied this even after drying completely. Rest assured they have the same appearance dry as before they were ever went. 

The packaging is beautiful but after I wet the shadows and was finished I closed it. When I opened it again I found this.


Ugh condensation from wetting the shadows. Which is not good! That can lead to bacteria so remember to let the shadows fully dry before you close the palette. Also the matte black packaging get very messy nothing a wet wip can’t fix but let’s be real who wants to do that every time they beat there face.

The Brush: I was pleasantly suprised some brushes with palettes are not that good but this one is brillant. Especially the domed side. It hold the water perfectly so the brush is just enough dampened to effect the shadows. Without being a big wet mess.


Overall: I am in love! I don’t have that many dark shadows and found myself drawn to that bottom row. I think you will love this palette for the neutrals done in a very unique way. The fact that when you wet each shadow it turns into something completely different is genius. The palette even come with a guide to show how each shadow will react. Shimmer, metallic, vibrant, deeper or sparkle. I’ve also tried several looks just using this palette alone and it is possible. Here are some I came up with on instagram follow me here

Let me know you have any questions or comment your experiences with this palette.


Lizzy P.


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