I’m Fat!

Whaaaaaaat?!??!?! I’m back on YouTube!!! Check out my latest video and subscribe if you want to. 2015 serving up so much more there.

I want to hear from you what do you think? Comment down below or on YouTube and lets get our chat on.


5 thoughts on “I’m Fat!

  1. I am somewhat understanding of your take on the word but I still encourage you to reconsider. I believe that words have life and we must be cautious what we speak. If you’re working on your fitness/health objective, you are canceling it out by calling yourself fat. Seeing you on the internets I have always thought of you as pretty; not fat, so for me to watch this as my first video of yours it surprised me. If we knew each other I’d simply tell you, “Cut that shit out.” You know I keep it real. Anywho, that’s my unapologetic opinion. I hope to get back to videos this year…it intimidates me. Please change your bulbs to white light so we can see more of your pretty face? xx

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    • I get where you’re coming from I believe words have power to. It’s funny your the first person to ever say that though. So I never thought about it. I appreciate you sharing your opinion. Also I have a bunch of other videos on my channel and some ones at the beginning of my weight loss journey and beauty related ones as well. I usually film during the day in better light, but if I’m just chatting in my room that the best light I’m working with at night. You should just go for the videos I watched one of your reviews last year and thought it was awesome. I would love to hear you talk more often.

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